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Monday, April 24

9:00am MDT

ACSConfig.Properties Explained Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers Getting to Know IBM i Access Client Solutions Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers Introduction to Access Client Solutions (ACS) Sheraton Denver DowntownGregory Simmons ACS & Db2 for i – Explained Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers • Scott Forstie Authority Collection made easy with SQL Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Forstie Create table, insert, update, delete Sheraton Denver DowntownSven Jansson Data Sciency stuff for Dummies Sheraton Denver DowntownDoug Mack Expand Your Options using Query Management Sheraton Denver DowntownVern Hamberg Getting Started with SQL Functions and Procedures Sheraton Denver DowntownSusan Romano Group By, Having and multi-dimensional Grouping Sheraton Denver DowntownBirgitta Hauser Learn how to use OR REPLACE with SQL DDL Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Forstie Performance Tuning, QAQQINI what you care about and how to use it Sheraton Denver DowntownTom Davidson Revving up SQL Performance with Indexes Sheraton Denver DowntownKent Milligan Select with functions Sheraton Denver DowntownSven Jansson SQL & Temp Tables - Good or Bad Combination? Sheraton Denver DowntownKent Milligan SQL 101 Sheraton Denver DowntownSusan Romano SQL 102 Sheraton Denver DowntownSusan Romano SQL: Select the language Sheraton Denver DowntownSven Jansson The join and sub select union Sheraton Denver DowntownSven Jansson A Beginner’s Guide to DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines on IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownDonna Westmoreland Choosing the right HA/DR solution Sheraton Denver DowntownBrian Nordland Introduction to the Integrated File System Sheraton Denver DowntownMargaret Fenlon How Many JDE instances can you have on 1 LPAR Sheraton Denver DowntownMichael McClure IBM HTTP Server (Powered by Apache) Overview Sheraton Denver DowntownTim Rowe Build Your Brand, Build Your Career Sheraton Denver DowntownAnna Marrah Fostering Positive Relationships Sheraton Denver DowntownKim Greene How to Achieve and Maintain High Quality Work Sheraton Denver DowntownKim Greene IBM i Explained Sheraton Denver DowntownTorbjörn Appehl IBM Power Explained Sheraton Denver DowntownTorbjörn Appehl N2i Employer Panel Sheraton Denver DowntownAnna Marrah N2i Meeting of the Minds Sheraton Denver DowntownAnna Marrah Technologies unique to IBM i and Power (and competitors really want) Sheraton Denver DowntownTorbjörn Appehl Why is automated testing so important in Next Generation Applications? Sheraton Denver DowntownRay Everhart Introduction to VS Code for IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownLiam Allan Modern IDE Comparison for IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownTim Rowe Why it's High Time for Rdi: The Basics of RDi Sheraton Denver DowntownCharles Guarino Integrate anything with anything using Apache Camel Sheraton Denver DowntownJesse Gorzinski React: Intro to building a front end interface using Hooks Sheraton Denver DowntownPatrick Behr UNIXCMD: Integrating RPG with Open Source Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Klement What is the angle on Angular? Sheraton Denver DowntownPete Helgren API examples using RPG, Node.js, PHP, and Python Sheraton Denver DowntownAlan Seiden Impress Your Boss with Open Source Sheraton Denver DowntownAlan Seiden Lets Learn The Acronyms Sheraton Denver DowntownRochelle Petty • Marina Schwenk Quick Spreadsheets through PHP and Python Sheraton Denver DowntownMike Pavlak The Magic of Rest APIs on IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownTim Rowe Using SQL to pull web service data into your IBM i applications Sheraton Denver DowntownRobert Swanson Fully-Utilizing Node's NPM Tooling Sheraton Denver DowntownMark Irish The Basics of Node.js: Getting Started with Node.js Sheraton Denver DowntownMark Irish Python Productivity: Python Fundamentals Sheraton Denver DowntownMike Pavlak Procedure driven RPG Sheraton Denver DowntownGregory Simmons Processing JSON with DB2 and RPG Sheraton Denver DowntownJim Buck What's New and Exciting in RPG Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Klement Feeling insecure? How to secure web applications on IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownPete Helgren Getting the Most out of the Audit Journal Sheraton Denver DowntownCarol Woodbury IBM i Security from the Ground Up Sheraton Denver DowntownCarol Woodbury IBM i Security: What’s New for IBM i 7.4 and 7.5 Sheraton Denver DowntownThom Haze Welcome to IBM i Security Auditing Sheraton Denver DowntownSteven McIver A Day in the Life of a Systems Admin Sheraton Denver DowntownSarah Jacob Basics of Tapes and BRMS Sheraton Denver DowntownSteven McIver Clean Up Your IBM i Disk Sheraton Denver DowntownLarry Bolhuis Don't lock yourself out! Securing Admin Servers Sheraton Denver DowntownJeffrey Carey Image Catalogs: How They Changed My Life! Sheraton Denver DowntownJeffrey Carey Intro to IBM i Services (SQL) for Admins Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Riedmueller Introduction to Open Source on IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownMike Pavlak System Administrator Survival Guide - Commands to Know Sheraton Denver DowntownSteven McIver
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