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Monday, April 24

9:00am MDT

Get ACS to Auto-Update Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers IBM i Access Client Solutions Deployment Guide Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers Scripting ACS Functions Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers Securing IBM ACS Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers Using ACS in Multiple System Environments Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers Analyzing geospatial data using Db2 for i Sheraton Denver DowntownSarah Mackenzie Creating an Item Master File Data Layer with SQL PL Stored Procedures Sheraton Denver DowntownRex Smith Dimensional Modeling: The Star of the Show? Sheraton Denver DowntownJohn Westcott Exploring the IBM OmniFind Text Search Server Sheraton Denver DowntownKent Milligan Get Running with the IBM Db2 for i .NET Provider Sheraton Denver DowntownRex Smith IBM i, the IOT, and Geospatial Analytics Sheraton Denver DowntownSarah Mackenzie Integrating JSON and Web services using SQL Sheraton Denver DowntownSarah Mackenzie Intermediate SQL: Unleash the POWER Sheraton Denver DowntownAndrew Dekreon Performance Tuning, separation of work and memory sizing Sheraton Denver DowntownTom Davidson Recent Db2 Enhancements: Greatest Hits Sheraton Denver DowntownSusan Romano Shallow Dive into Database Modernization Sheraton Denver DowntownPatrick Behr Sharing Data Between Partitions with the SQL Three-Part Name Sheraton Denver DowntownSimon Hutchinson Simple steps to improving data security on IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownSarah Mackenzie SQL Plan Cache Uncovered Sheraton Denver DowntownKent Milligan Streaming/Replicating Db2i Data into "The Cloud" Sheraton Denver DowntownJohn Westcott String Manipulation and Regular Expressions with SQL Sheraton Denver DowntownBirgitta Hauser Temporal Tables – Looking Back Into Your Data’s Past Sheraton Denver DowntownSimon Hutchinson Tricks with Spool Files using SQL Sheraton Denver DowntownSimon Hutchinson Visualizing Data With SQL and Web Query Sheraton Denver DowntownJohn Westcott Software is Everyone's Business Sheraton Denver DowntownCharles Guarino • Alan Seiden DevOps is not a 4-letter Word Sheraton Denver DowntownAndrew Clark Git branch management for IBM i source; I want JUST the changes Sheraton Denver DowntownJeffrey Tickner Merlin and VS Code: Powerful Options for Next Gen Apps Sheraton Denver DowntownLiam Allan • Andrew Clark Next Gen Apps: Cloud - What Makes Sense on IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownAndrew Clark Modernize your Storage for IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownDaniel Sundt Power10 for the COMMON Audience Sheraton Denver DowntownDaniel Sundt What? I Can Create a Private Cloud with IBM Power Servers? Sheraton Denver DowntownDaniel Sundt Ensure your DR Plan Works in a Disaster Sheraton Denver DowntownRichard Dolewski Live Demo: Managing PowerHA Solutions Sheraton Denver DowntownBrian Nordland The Power of Ready – Lessons learned from Actual Disasters Sheraton Denver DowntownRichard Dolewski What's new in PowerHA Sheraton Denver DowntownBrian Nordland Integrated File System Security Principles and Practices Sheraton Denver DowntownMargaret Fenlon Integrated File System: Real Life Sheraton Denver DowntownMargaret Fenlon Real-Time Access to Integrated File System Data Across the Network Sheraton Denver DowntownMargaret Fenlon Strategies to Improve IFS Application Performance Sheraton Denver DowntownMargaret Fenlon What’s New in the Domino Low-Code Collaboration Platform Sheraton Denver DowntownKim Greene IBM i Network Monitoring, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers IBM i Networking and Servers Overview Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers Next Gen : Automating your Test Environment, the RIGHT Way Sheraton Denver DowntownAlan Ashley • Jeffrey Tickner Service programs and Unit Testing – The Perfect Pair Sheraton Denver DowntownMarina Schwenk An RPGer's Take on VS Code for IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownSusan Gantner Building and Sharing RDi Templates to Improve Developer Productivity Sheraton Denver DowntownRay Everhart Hidden Gems in RDi Sheraton Denver DowntownSusan Gantner One Order of Code Factoring With a Side of RDi Sheraton Denver DowntownCharles Guarino RPG and CL Speak Open Source Sheraton Denver DowntownRichard Schoen RPGLE and Git the right way Sheraton Denver DowntownLiam Allan Using RDi to Refactor RPG Code Sheraton Denver DowntownRay Everhart What's Going on with My Code: Debugging 101 with Rdi Sheraton Denver DowntownCharles Guarino How Refactoring Helps Bulletproof Your Application Sheraton Denver DowntownYvonne Enselman • Scott Klement Performance Profiling for Open Source Sheraton Denver DowntownAlan Seiden Recent additions to modern CL language Sheraton Denver DowntownSimon Hutchinson Refactoring Your CL programs Sheraton Denver DowntownSimon Hutchinson RPG Using SQL to Call REST APIs Sheraton Denver DowntownJesse Gorzinski Node.js and IBM i: Integrating Open-Source Software with your Current Technology Stack Sheraton Denver DowntownMark Irish Separate HTML from PHP Sheraton Denver DowntownGuido Faecke What’s new and exciting in PHP for 2023 Sheraton Denver DowntownAlan Seiden Python APIs aka: REST with Flask Sheraton Denver DowntownMike Pavlak Test Driven Development using Python Sheraton Denver DowntownMike Pavlak An RPG Web App Server – Who Knew ? Sheraton Denver DowntownRichard Schoen Case Study: Reducing I/O in your RPG program with SQL Sheraton Denver DowntownGregory Simmons Handling JSON With DATA-INTO and DATA-GEN in ILE RPG Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Klement How Do I Improve Software Quality? Sheraton Denver DowntownYvonne Enselman • Scott Klement ILE: Procedures, Modules & SRVPGMs by Example Sheraton Denver DowntownSusan Gantner Introduction to Merlin and IBM i Developer Sheraton Denver DowntownLiam Allan IoT: Open My Garage Door with RPG Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Klement No Limits Modern Excel Reports Using RPG Sheraton Denver DowntownVern Hamberg Providing Web Services on IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Klement Quick Look: Overloading in RPG Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Klement Recent additions to modern RPG language Sheraton Denver DowntownSimon Hutchinson RPG and External Database Integration Sheraton Denver DowntownRichard Schoen RPG Tips and Tricks Sheraton Denver DowntownLiam Allan SQL for the RPG Programmer “How To”: SQL Access to Data and ACS Tools Sheraton Denver DowntownVern Hamberg SQL for the RPG Programmer “How To”: Working with SQL Services Sheraton Denver DowntownVern Hamberg The New World of RPG Arrays Sheraton Denver DowntownSusan Gantner Anatomy of a Password Sheraton Denver DowntownRobert Andrews Authority Collection – A utility to lock down access to sensitive objects Sheraton Denver DowntownThom Haze Breaches, Ransomware and Recovery, Oh My! Sheraton Denver DowntownRichard Dolewski • Carol Woodbury Configuring Single Sign-on for IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownThom Haze IBM i Security cocktail, with an SQL chaser Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Forstie • Carol Woodbury Ladies & Gentlemen: Introducing Object Level Security Sheraton Denver DowntownRobin Tatam Multi-Factor Authentication for IBM I Sheraton Denver DowntownRobert Andrews Ransomware and IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownRobert Andrews Securing Network Applications with Digital Certificates Sheraton Denver DowntownThom Haze SQL for the Security Officer Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Forstie What does a full featured security strategy look like? Sheraton Denver DowntownJohn Vriezen Advanced IBM i Services (SQL) for Admins Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Riedmueller Ansible and AWX with IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownMark Irish Breaking Bad IBM i Habits – Best Practices for Success Sheraton Denver DowntownRichard Dolewski Case Studies on Critical Performance Failures: Common Performance Issues and Their Resolution Sheraton Denver DowntownDawn May Cool things in Navigator to be a RockStar System Administrator Sheraton Denver DowntownPete Massiello Daily Care and Feeding of IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownLarry Bolhuis Discovering your IBM i Data - For System Administrators issues Sheraton Denver DowntownCecilia Howlin HMC, IBM I, FSP, & Firmware: Putting All the Pieces Together Sheraton Denver DowntownPete Massiello IBM i OS and Power System Upgrade Testing Sheraton Denver DowntownYvonne Enselman JD Edwards on IBMi, techniques for success Sheraton Denver DowntownAndrew Dekreon Managing IBM i PTFs Sheraton Denver DowntownLarry Bolhuis Set up a shared NFS drive to deploy PTFs and upgrades with image catalogs. Save time, save space! Make your admin life easier. Sheraton Denver DowntownJeffrey Carey Take Control of Your IBM i Prestart Server Jobs Sheraton Denver DowntownDawn May Understand your IBM i Performance Signature Sheraton Denver DowntownDawn May Where to Start with Open Source Package Management Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers Yum and RPM tricks to keep your open source software humming Sheraton Denver DowntownAlan Seiden Selecting your POWER Systems hosting environment Sheraton Denver DowntownLarry Bolhuis
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