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Monday, April 24

9:00am MDT

IBM i services for the developer Sheraton Denver DowntownSusan Romano Modernization Case Study – Creating a Database Abstraction Layer Sheraton Denver DowntownRay Everhart ODBC speed and security Sheraton Denver DowntownAlan Seiden ODBC: A Better Way to Connect to Db2 Sheraton Denver DowntownMark Irish Quick Start to Using MariaDB and PostgreSQL on IBM ii Sheraton Denver DowntownRichard Schoen Run Away ODBC or Query/400 Queries Got you Down? Sheraton Denver DowntownDoug Mack Speed Dating with a Date Dimension Table Sheraton Denver DowntownDoug Mack SQL Coding Tips and Techniques Sheraton Denver DowntownKent Milligan Top 10 Reasons to Build Your Own SQL Indexes Sheraton Denver DowntownTom Davidson Using SQL to Overcome Challenges when Consuming XML (Case Study) Sheraton Denver DowntownVern Hamberg Accelerate Your Excel! Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Wolk How to Become a Speaker at COMMON Sheraton Denver DowntownKim Greene What Are Soft Skills, and Why They Are Important? Sheraton Denver DowntownNilofur Khan Automation on IBM i, Ansible versus Jenkins: How can these open source tools help me and which one do I use? Sheraton Denver DowntownJeffrey Tickner Best testing practices for breaking up the monolith Sheraton Denver DowntownJeroen van Dun Get Started with GIT and Version Control: Automating DevOps for the IBM i with Jenkins Sheraton Denver DowntownJeffrey Tickner GIT - The good, the bad, the ugly Sheraton Denver DowntownGuido Faecke How to introduce modern development tools successfully Sheraton Denver DowntownChris White IBM i Data Integration with Hyperscalers Sheraton Denver DowntownRichard Baird • Nicolas Le Van Dé Leverage safe innovation with DevOps pipeline in IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownRichard Baird • Nicolas Le Van Dé Merlin, DevOps, Git, and Modern Development for IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownLiam Allan • Tim Rowe How Fast is Your Power System? Sheraton Denver DowntownJohn Vriezen Upgrading your Hardware for IBM i: An opportunity for a big save or a big mistake. Sheraton Denver DowntownAlejandro Lazzaro Ace in the Hole - Safeguarded Copy Sheraton Denver DowntownSteven McIver Are traditional licenses impeding your journey to the cloud? Sheraton Denver DowntownHarald Braeunlich Benefits of Continuous Availability with Db2 Mirror for i Sheraton Denver DowntownShauna Rollings I'm interested in deploying IBM Db2 Mirror for i - now what? Sheraton Denver DowntownShauna Rollings Journaling for Logical Replication, Hardware Replication or No Replication at All? Sheraton Denver DowntownJohn Vriezen Logical Replication in the Cloud Sheraton Denver DowntownDavid Contreras Turn up the Power: External Disk and Hardware Replication on i... A Case Study! Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Wolk What IBM i Professionals can learn from NASA Sheraton Denver DowntownYvonne Enselman Integrated File System through SQL Services Sheraton Denver DowntownMargaret Fenlon The Secrets to Making the Most of Online Meetings Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Wolk The Secrets to Negotiating and Resolving Workplace Conflict Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Wolk Why Do We Continue to Have this Discussion Sheraton Denver DowntownCarol Woodbury Automation and My Vision For the Future Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Klement Best Practices for Open Source Package Management and Security Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers • Jesse Gorzinski IBM i 7.5 Plus Favorite Features Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Forstie • Tim Rowe IBM i Latest & Greatest - 7.5 and TRs Overview Sheraton Denver DowntownSteven Will IBM i Strategy, Roadmap & Innovation Sheraton Denver DowntownAlison Butterill • Steven Will Modernize without Vendor tools Sheraton Denver DowntownLiam Allan • Jesse Gorzinski What is IBM Power Systems Virtual Server and why should i as IBM i user being interested Sheraton Denver Downtowntonny bastiaans LoopBack: The Easiest APIs You've Ever Made Sheraton Denver DowntownMark Irish Surviving a Ransomware Attack Sheraton Denver DowntownMichael McClure Everything they never taught you! Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Wolk Get out of Your Comfort Zone! Sheraton Denver DowntownRochelle Petty • Marina Schwenk Give me an Hour and I'll Give you a Week Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Wolk How to Communicate with your System Admin Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Riedmueller How to Remain Relevant in a changing IT Environment” Sheraton Denver DowntownJim Buck Strategic IT - The Art of Advancing your Career Beyond the Technical Sheraton Denver DowntownGregory Simmons • Steve Wolk Strive for Excellence Sheraton Denver DowntownMarina Schwenk Success as an 'I' Sheraton Denver DowntownDawn May The N2i Advantage Sheraton Denver DowntownRochelle Petty • Marina Schwenk Twenty iPhone tips that will change your life Sheraton Denver DowntownRichard Milone • Robert Swanson Upgrade your TODAY! Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Wolk Want them to want you? Be the ideal employee by unleashing your inner child! Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Wolk Agile Testing and Concepts Sheraton Denver DowntownYvonne Enselman Basics of QA and Testing for IBM i Professionals Sheraton Denver DowntownYvonne Enselman Are You Coding Efficiently? Microsoft VS compared to RDi Sheraton Denver DowntownBill Onion Introduction to RDi's Code Coverage Tool Sheraton Denver DowntownJim Buck Solving Critical Business Problems with Innovation Sheraton Denver DowntownMagesh Hirian What's Up with Merlin? Sheraton Denver DowntownJack Woehr What's up with the RDi Debugger? Sheraton Denver DowntownJim Buck Alan's Favorite Tips for Open Source on IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownAlan Seiden Calling Rest APIs from your Native RPG/COBOL Apps Sheraton Denver DowntownTim Rowe Command Jeopardy Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Wolk Hidden Gems of IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownAlison Butterill • Tim Rowe IBM i Next Gen Apps - Why and How? Sheraton Denver DowntownSteven Will Kafka and JavaScript for High Performance, Resilient IBM i APIs Sheraton Denver DowntownDaniel Magid Web and API Language Shootout Sheraton Denver DowntownAlan Seiden 30 PHP Tips in 60 Minutes Sheraton Denver DowntownMike Pavlak Develop PHP with your IBM i, not on it Sheraton Denver DowntownGuido Faecke Spring cleaning your PHP code Sheraton Denver DowntownGuido Faecke 30 Python Tips in 60 Minutes Sheraton Denver DowntownMike Pavlak Practical Uses for Python on IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownMike Pavlak Basics of Modern RPG Language: How Other Companies Have Moved Their Business into the 21st Century on IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownJim Buck Developing an Weather Application for your IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownJim Buck What the heck is Binder Source and why do I care? Sheraton Denver DowntownPatrick Behr Why Procedures are Better Than Subroutines Sheraton Denver DowntownPatrick Behr Disk-Level Encryption is not enough Sheraton Denver DowntownBill Peedle How to Keep Your IBM i System Safe Sheraton Denver DowntownRobert Nettgen How to set up your IBM I system and applications with a layered security defense using MFA Sheraton Denver DowntownHrithik Govardhan IBM i Security: G.O.A.T or more of a donkey? Sheraton Denver DowntownRobin Tatam Security Testing Sheraton Denver DowntownYvonne Enselman Strategies for Securing REST APIs Sheraton Denver DowntownMark Irish The Cyber Security News Report - A Fun Look At Current Information Security News Stories Sheraton Denver DowntownRobert Nettgen Zero Trust Security for IBMi Sheraton Denver DowntownBill Hammond 20 Tips in 20 Minutes Sheraton Denver DowntownDawn May Analyzing Open Source Applications with IBM i Performance Tools Sheraton Denver DowntownEric Barsness Best practices for collecting performance data with Collection Services Sheraton Denver DowntownShauna Rollings Building Dashboards and Reports over IBM i Services Sheraton Denver DowntownJohn Westcott Everything You Need to Know About the IBM i Administration Runtime Expert Sheraton Denver DowntownDawn May IBM i 7.5 and Power10 on i Performance Update Sheraton Denver DowntownEric Barsness IBM i Event Monitoring with Manzan Sheraton Denver DowntownJesse Gorzinski IBM i Navigator an Administrators View Sheraton Denver DowntownTim Rowe IBM i System Admin's job role today Sheraton Denver DowntownPatrick Kelly Installing and Configuring NVMe Sheraton Denver DowntownPete Massiello iSee with Scott and Tim Sheraton Denver DowntownScott Forstie • Tim Rowe Leveraging IBM i (SQL) Services for Performance Management Sheraton Denver DowntownEric Barsness Manage your jobs with Service Commander for IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownJesse Gorzinski Mission: Possible! Journaling Forensics 101 (with Free Tools) Sheraton Denver DowntownSteve Wolk New insights for Audit Journal entries with IBM Navigator for i Sheraton Denver DowntownLora Powell Optimizing IBM i Work Management Sheraton Denver DowntownSarah Jacob • Steven McIver Performance Based Workload Management on IBM i Sheraton Denver DowntownEric Barsness Real-time Monitoring and Alerting with Prometheus Sheraton Denver DowntownWayne Bowers • Jesse Gorzinski Using SQL Services in Everyday Life Sheraton Denver DowntownTim Rowe Using System Monitors in IBM Navigator for i Sheraton Denver DowntownShauna Rollings Using the latest features of Performance Data Investigator in IBM Navigator for i Sheraton Denver DowntownLora Powell What You Need to Know to Successfully Upgrade to IBM i 7.5 or 7.4 Sheraton Denver DowntownPete Massiello Journey to the Cloud 101 Sheraton Denver DowntownDavid Contreras
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